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Pescom LTD sells natural products from fish. Pescom LTD is one of the biggest fish processor company from the Vaslui county. Our experience in the field is from 1997. We are pleased to present you our offer of fish products. For details and orders go to the contact section of our website.

  1. Herring products
    • Marinade herring fillet
    • Marinade herring 0,2 kg
    • Marinade herring bulk
    • Bloated disembowel herring in vacuum
    • Bloated disembowel herring bulk
    • Salty fillet of herring in vacuum
    • Salty disembowel herring in vacuum
    • Salty herring 5 kg
    • Salty disembowel herring 5 kg
    • Salty herring bulk
    • Salty disembowel herring bulk
  2. Mackerel products:
    • Marinade mackerel 0,2 kg
    • Marinade mackerel bulk
    • Fillet of bloated mackerel in vacuum
    • Haddock of mackerel in vacuum
    • Bloated mackerel¬† in vacuum
    • Bloated mackerel bulk
    • Frosted mackerel
  3. Anchovies products:
    • Salty anchovies bulk
    • Bloated anchovies bulk
    • Bloated anchovies 0,15 kg
  4. Spawn salad
    • Spawn salad 0,1 kg
    • Spawn salad 0,25 kg
    • Spawn salad bulk